Mario kart 7
Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 is the 7th Mario Kart game in the series. The objective is the reach the finish line in first place.

Driving your kart

Action Command
Accelerate Press and hold Y or A
Brake/Reverse Press and hold B
Steer Push the Circle Pad left/right
Hop Tap R
Use item L or X

Game Modes:

  • Grand Prix

When playing in Grand Prix mode you complete cups. Each cup has four races. There are two cups that unlocked by default and six you can unlock. There is also a mirror cup to unlock. When you play in Grand Prix mode you select a Character to race as, then select the Kart body, wheels and glider.

The cups have three difficulties:

  • 50 CC
  • 100 CC
  • 150 CC

Unlocking Grand Prix Cups

Cup How to unlock
Mushroom Cup This cup is unlocked by default
Flower Cup Place third or higher in the Mushroom cup
Star cup
Star Cup Place third or higher in the Flower cup
Special cup
Special Cup Place third or higher in the Star cup
Shell cup
Shell Cup This cup is unlocked by default
Banana cup
Banana Cup Place third of higher in the Shell cup
Leaf cup
Leaf Cup Place third or higher in the Banana cup
Lightning cup
Lightning Cup Place third of higher in the Leaf Cup
Mirror Place first in all cups in 150 CC

  • Time Trials

In Time Trial mode you race ghost data. The objective is to come first and beat the ghost data.

  • Balloon Battle

In Balloon you start off with three balloons and you collect items to pop opponents' balloons. The player or team who has popped the most balloons when the time runs out will be the winners. When you lose all your balloons your popped-balloon count will lower.

  • Coin Runners

In this mode you collect coins that are scattered over the map. You can have 10 coins at one time. Hit opponents to make them lose their coins. Being hit will result in losing coins. The player or team who has the most coins when the time runs out are the winners. Advanced Driving Tips

  • Rocket Start

To perform a rocket start, press and hold Y or A an instance after the timer reaches two.

  • Drift

To drift, when turning press and hold R.

  • Mini-Turbo

When drifting keep holding the R button until blue sparks appear, then release.

  • Super Mini-Turbo

Same as above; Keep drifting. Blue sparks will appear - hold R until the blue sparks turn orange and then release for a super mini-turbo.

  • Jump Boost

To perfor a jump boost, press R when going over jumps and you will get a boost when you land.

  • Spin Turn

If you're going the wrong way or need to quickly turn - when the kart has stopped press and hold B and A together and then use the Circle Pad to control which way you want to turn.


Below is a table of all items you can use in-game.

All usable items in Mario Kart 7
Item Name What it does Banana When a kart hits a banana it will spin-out.
Triple Bananas Same as a Banana but three of them!
Green Shell Green Shells travel in a straight line but they change direction when they hit something. It's handy to keep the items behind your kart incase of a red shell or any other item they may chase after you (except the Spiny Shell).
Triple Green Shells Same as above but three of them! The green shells circle your kart, you can shoot the shells backwards or forwards.
Red Shell Same as Green Shell above but will chase after a racer. Very effective.
Triple Red Shells Same as Triple Green Shells bu chase after racers.
Bob-omb These can be dangerous if not used properly. These bombs explode a few seconds after they land. Can be shot backwards or forwards. If a group of racers are near by all of the racers will be effected by the bomb and spin-out.
Luck 7 The Lucky 7 is a new item in the Mart Kart series. It surrounds your kart with seven items: Banana, Green Shell, Red Shell, Bob-omb, Super Star, Mushroom, and a Blooper. If you are hit with the lucky seven equipped you will lose all of the items left. Use L or X to equip the item and then L or X again to shoot an item. To select a certain item press L or X as it moves in front of you.
Spiny Shell The Spiny Shells seek out who ever is in the first position. These Shells cannot be avoided! If you are in first place and hear the shell coming - be prepared to be hit. Using a super star will save you but chances are you probably won't have one on you.
Mushroom Use for a burst of speed
Triple Mushrooms same as above, but three of them.
Golden Mushroom This is like a Mushroom but it doesn't run right away. Use repeatedly until it runs out.
Bullet Bill Turns you kart until a Bullet Bill and races through the track for a short perioud of time. You get this item when you are in a bad position (ie 8th or 7th position) and you won't get ir while in 1st position.
Blooper Sprays ink on the all of the racers top-screens in front of you, this makes it hard to see.
Lightning Zaps all opponents rendering them small, small and makes the racers spin-out when it strikes.
Super Star Makes you invincible for a short period of time. Your kart also becomes faster, anyone you touch with this item will crash.
Fire Flower
Super Leaf

Mario Kart 3DS Official Trailer (E3 2011)

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