Ninetndo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS Promo Trailer - E3 2010

Nintendo 3DS Promo Trailer - E3 2010


The Nintendo 3DS console is the 5th DS released. It is the first of the 5 to be in 3D with its own games!

The following are the other DS consols:

  • Nintendo DS (discontinued)
  • Nintendo DS Lite (discontinued)
  • Nintendo DSI (current)
  • Nintendo DSI XL (current)

The 3DS console was first realsed in Japan Febuary 26 2011, then in other countrys later.

The 3DS System comes in a variety of different colours they are the following.

  • Aqua Blue
  • Cosmo Black
  • Flame Red
  • Pearl Pink (Lavander)
  • Limited Edition Zelda 3DS
  • Ice white (special edition comes with Super Mario 3D land)

3DS facts:

  • The 3DS console weighs 235 grams
  • It is 134 mm (5.3 in) wide × 74 mm (2.9 in) deep × 21 mm (0.83 in) high
  • It has 1 front camera and 2 facing out
  • 3-5 hours, depending on screen brightness, Wi-Fi, sound volume, and 3D effect
  • Memory 128 MB
  • 3D switch on/Off

The 3DS has its very own games that can only be played on this console eg Mario Kart 7 that can be played in 3D! the original 2D DS games can be palyed in this console but cannot be viewed in 3D. 3DS games connot be played in any other DS system. Note, this consoel is not compatable with gameboy games but soem are avialiable from the Nintendo eShop.

Nntendo eShop: The Ninedno eShop is a online service, it features downloadable games, applications and information on upcoming film and game releases. The Nintendo eShop is also avialiable on the Wii U.